This website is owned and managed by   Jhuzt Lorque  an independent distributor of Team Hordearii of Santé International, Inc. This is not the official company website, hence it aims to contribute to the growth and expansion of Santé International Inc., through serving its current and potential distributors, retailers, and preferred customers who are interested in health, wellness and financial freedom.

Interactive  Growth  Online  Support  System  was created by a Filipino online entrepreneur, founder and creator of  santebarley.net, jhuztlorque.com and interactivegrowth.net, Team  Leader  of  The  Hordearii's  of  Sante  International,  Mr.  Jhuzt Lorque. He aims to help ordinary people present their business in a systematic way. He believes that every business has communities that push, support, and propel it towards greatness, and these are the very foundations that uphold the Support System.